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Burravoe Primary School QUESTIONS! By Emily and Jasiah

1.How do entertain yourselves?

2.How big is your playground?

3.What is your currency?

4.What is your tourist attractions?

5.What is your head teacher called?

6.What playground toys do you have?

7. Who is the oldest child in in the school?

8.What is the weather normally like?


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Yell questions!

1. How does your school system work?

2. What language do you speak?

3. How big is your school?

4. What technology do you have in your school like; ipads,laptops or any other type of technology?

5. What are your favourite hobbies?

6. Would you rather live in Yell or in a Metropolis?

7. Would rather like to be individual pen pals?

8. Who is the ruler of your island like a; Queen,King, Prime Minister or a Mayor and if you do what are they called?

9. How many children are in your school?

10. What is your currency?

11. What is the population in Yell?

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burravoe primary school questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. How many children are in your school?

2. DO you like the open space in Yell?

3. What are your tourist attractions?

4. What do you do to entertain yourself?

5. Do you like living in Yell?

6. How many people live in Yell?

7. What is your currency?

8.How is the weather in Yell?

9.what is the national food in Yell?

10. What kind of animals are in Yell?


burravoe primary school questions

1.How many schools do u have there?

2.How big is your school?

3.What language do u speak


What do u like about your school?

How is your country ruled?

Whats best  about your country?

If you could choose a country to live in  which country will it be?

What topic are you doing at the moment?

Which country is a better yell or england?

Whats you currency?




What are your tourist attractions?

Who is your ruler?

What language do you speak and do you have a main language?

Do you have people throwing litter outside your school?

Who is your Headteacher?

What topic are you working on?

What is your emergency number?

What is your Currency?

Would you rather live in Manchester or stay in Yell?

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Questions for Burravoe primary school !

hi burravoe , we’ve got some questions for you….

1.How many children go to your school ? Almost 300 people go to our school.

2.what is your usual weather in yell ? Usually in manchester it rains but now its coming to spring its getting  sunnier

3.What time does your school start-finish? ours starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 3:00 pm

4. What is your topic?

5.What population is yell?

6.what is your headteachers name ?


Burravoe primary school by Aysha and Ridoy

1.What does your school uniform look like?

2.Do you wear school uniform?

3. What’s your currency called?

4.What topic are you working on?

5.How many children go to your school?

6.How long is your break and lunch time?

7. Are your school lunches nice?

8.Do you prefer Yell or Manchester?

9. What are your teachers like?

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Amaya and Brandon Questions ?

Amaya- what year dose your school go to?       

Brandon-How is it living in yell ?        

Amaya-how many Teachers do you have ?      


Brandon-Do you learn any languages ?


Barlow hall primary school questions for burravoe primary

  1. Do you like where you live?

  2. Why do you like /dislike were you live?

  3.  How is life in yell?

  4. What is your uniform like?

  5. Is your school big?

  6. How is your country ruled?

  7. what is your fav place in yell?

  8. Is there any dangers where you live?