Burravoe primary school QUESTIONS! by Fahad and Kya.

1 How big is your playground?

2 do you have golden time?

3 When was your school made?

4 Do you have a cool 25 year old teacher and what is the  name?

5 Would you rather live in yell or in a metropolis

6 What is your school like?

7  Do you have lots of good toys to play with?

8 Who is your best teacher in your school?

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Questions for Burravoe primary school!

1.what kind of subjects do you do?

2.Would you rather live in  Manchester or Yell?

3.What kind of food do you eat?

4.What language do you speak?

5.what is you currency?

6.Who rules Yell?

7.Do you have technology?

8.How many children do you have in your school?

9.how many teachers do you have?

10.what is your tourist attractions?

11. what is the weather normally like there?

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While I was baving in the golden sun on the beach I sore a unsale crechere creeping to wards me i started to panic

The sky was falling by britney

Then I look up at  the blue sky  deeply, I herd a voice saying help me” NOW”.Then I said to my friend lets go to the park. Then I went to  the forest  insd

A plain coming to crash

One day I was on my way to the trafford centre. I went in the Arcades  had kfc and  went on bumper cars.I left 4 hours after I had been everywhere.On this same day there were plains racing in the sky and when you went outside you could feel the strong breeze on your face as the racers zoomed past.One of the plains had very low fuel and smoke was bursting out the back.Suddenly a plain crashed into another plain and I shouted …”LOOK UP!!!CAN YOU SEE IT”…The plain crashed into a building and then the wing fell of. What happened…?


The Shooting Star By Ruth and Kaitlyn

One afternoon all my friends and I were having a moonlight shower so, I started to set up my telescope to see the shooting stars go pass the moonlight. Then, the shower started and I was the first to look through the telescope  to see the wonderful shooting stars go past the moon. Look up! Can you see… somethings going wrong I just saw a green shooting star. If I was not talking to my friends, If had fixed the telescope properly then nothing would of gone wrong. It was passed midnight we had already packed away but, I was still thinking about that green star…








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How the planets aline…

Slowly ,the whispy winter’s wind ,whistles and howls through the mountain tops. I hear the woodland creatures that have hibernated, crackling the the frost bitten leaves and suddenly I hear a faint voice. It whispers ”look up, can you see? the planets have alined.” I  didn’t  know what this meant, and why would this voice only be talking to me?. I couldn’t decide. ”Woah !” I screamed the earth starts to shake and roll around. Would these be my last moments on earth?. I was wrong… in the distance was that, no it couldn’t be could it. perching itself right in front  was …


100 word write by Brandon and Aysha

As I jumped out of the helicopter for charity, my pilot shouted“LOOK UP!…CAN YOU SEE! that mythical baby Dragon  falling out of that fluffy,white cloud if we don’t save it,it could die”I said”OH NO, quick what do we do,” the pilot replied ” I don’t know but we better act fast.Quickly,I put out my long,skinny arms and reached to catch the poor baby Dragon when i landed i put him down he was hurt i didn’t know what to do “HELP” I shouted in my loudest voice”CALL THE AMBULANCE QUICK WHILE I GIVE THE BABY DRAGON C.P.R!” the doctor helped the baby Dragon…


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100 wc – Emily+Jasiah

Suddenly, a screeching sound came from the room behind us. We didn’t know what it was, but we knew it wasn’t ordinary . Bob said “Look up! can you see…” he didn’t have time to finish before the thing grabbed him by his collar. I was alone. No one there but me, I knew it was here, watching me. I grabbed the shovel beside me. The thing appeared: it was gooey and a dark swampy brown, it had razor sharp claws the size of a small person. It smelt like rotting flesh, mouldy cheese and smelly toe clippings…  Why am I here? 

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…….look up can u see……

As me and my best friend were walking down the long,bumpy path witch was coverd by brittled leaves.On my right  up a tree I saw pixy dust moving around.


I  said to my best friend Ansh.

“ERM nothing yet”

“Oh wait is it a patch of dust flying”

“ERM its called pixy dust”

We were both surprised.Lots and lots of thoughts were running In our heads .As soon as we turned our heads  the pixy dust disappeared. We  both looked every where but as time went on there was no sign of the pixy dust…