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Questions for Burravoe primary school!

1.what kind of subjects do you do?

2.Would you rather live in  Manchester or Yell?

3.What kind of food do you eat?

4.What language do you speak?

5.what is you currency?

6.Who rules Yell?

7.Do you have technology?

8.How many children do you have in your school? many teachers do you have?

10.what is your tourist attractions?

11. what is the weather normally like there?

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Suddenly, I saw something very strange in the air I said,”look up!can you see”……its a dragon  ahhhhh run quick”.As i  i ran out breath  i stopped and guess what? the dragon followed me, it was breathing orange,red and yellow fire it was scary.Its like loosing my life.Finally i stopped and the dragon got lost eventually i went home and i told all my family what happen to me.They were shocked,they’ve never heard anything like this and then……..


What we have been doing with Mr Brown By Alina

On Monday some of the children went to Glaramara and some of the children got split up into year 5. On Monday we introduced our selves and then we got make lots of thing like cards, biscuits, heart shaped clay and today we carried on with every thing that we did on Monday. The other class they made cookies, cupcakes they even made cards and jewellery we put they put the cookies in the oven the smelt so delicious when we take out the cookies we are going to decorate them with icing and sprinkles. It was really fun I cant wait till the enterprise sale begins.


Mysterious storm By alina

As I was on the beach lying on my sun bed,with my sunglasses on. Suddenly, the storm hit the coast but all I could see water splashing on top of me. The storm made me bang my head on a hard , grey rock…..and made me forget everything and I was not on beach I was lost I didn’t know were I was. This man walked up to me and said, “are you okay little girl”? and he helped me up we went to his house I told him everything. 5hours later I had to go back home and I found……………..





hi my name is alina

 i am a year 6 pupil every week Manchester city come i  to our class were learn maths and English but it got to do with foot ball how strange is that but trust me its not hard. A few weeks ago i won a prize i was so happy i told every one in my family we carry on after break to. in English we are working on biography and autobiography it really fun and me and class we were doing one on jk rowling its our topic we are learning about the Aztec i like this topic and we even get to taste some food and decorate our own masks its diffrent what i would think our topic would be i am really excited because i have never done this before.In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes first i was unsure about what we were going to do but now i feel like i could do it by heart that how good i am now.