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Burravoe primary school by Aysha and Ridoy

1.What does your school uniform look like?

2.Do you wear school uniform?

3. What’s your currency called?

4.What topic are you working on?

5.How many children go to your school?

6.How long is your break and lunch time?

7. Are your school lunches nice?

8.Do you prefer Yell or Manchester?

9. What are your teachers like?

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100 word write by Brandon and Aysha

As I jumped out of the helicopter for charity, my pilot shouted“LOOK UP!…CAN YOU SEE! that mythical baby Dragon  falling out of that fluffy,white cloud if we don’t save it,it could die”I said”OH NO, quick what do we do,” the pilot replied ” I don’t know but we better act fast.Quickly,I put out my long,skinny arms and reached to catch the poor baby Dragon when i landed i put him down he was hurt i didn’t know what to do “HELP” I shouted in my loudest voice”CALL THE AMBULANCE QUICK WHILE I GIVE THE BABY DRAGON C.P.R!” the doctor helped the baby Dragon…


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Dear Lucas,

I hope u get better soon everybody is missing u

Best wishes Aysha:-D



100 word challenge by Aysha Marshall

As the shining sun rose  high in the sky I woke up and got dressed because today was the family holiday we do every year. This year mum is choosing but she always chooses the best.Firstly I got  in the car but I knew something wasn’t  right   because my mum and dad were laughing and so was my depressed  big brother and he never laughs,suddenly everything stopped …. 5hours later… I just decided to walk out of the car and look for.I was scared I was worried “help, help” I didn’t know what to do all I could see is water …


What i’ve enjoyed most in and looking forward to in year6 by:Aysha

So far i have enjoyed the year six  Gymnastics therefore i do also enjoy the our topic on the Aztec’s. But the activity that has bean the best EVER!!! so far is MCFC coming get in CITY!!! when I found that MCFC was coming i was so relieved that it wasn’t untied also the RE hasn’t been bad at all. i think it has been the from the six or seven years I’ve been coming to this… school. instead of writing along list of subjects i have enjoyed so far i might as well say everything.

The subjects I am most looking forward to are making Mexican food but personally I have actually made Tacos they are delicious I got the idea of making spaghetti Tacos from  icarly they might sound gross  but there the complete opposite from gross.