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100 word write by Brandon and Aysha

As I jumped out of the helicopter for charity, my pilot shouted“LOOK UP!…CAN YOU SEE! that mythical baby Dragon  falling out of that fluffy,white cloud if we don’t save it,it could die”I said”OH NO, quick what do we do,” the pilot replied ” I don’t know but we better act fast.Quickly,I put out my long,skinny arms and reached to catch the poor baby Dragon when i landed i put him down he was hurt i didn’t know what to do “HELP” I shouted in my loudest voice”CALL THE AMBULANCE QUICK WHILE I GIVE THE BABY DRAGON C.P.R!” the doctor helped the baby Dragon…


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One day I woke up but all I could see was water I was  stranded out in the ocean I could see nothing  “what do I do now help help  ,” I thought after a while I started to get hungry I just didn’t know how to get anywhere hopping a boat would pass one was in sight so I swam and swam and swam until I got to it. The boat started I soon  got to land I didn’t know where I was but I got to a phone box I was suspicious  at what happened to me out there.