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…….look up can u see……

As me and my best friend were walking down the long,bumpy path witch was coverd by brittled leaves.On my right  up a tree I saw pixy dust moving around.


I  said to my best friend Ansh.

“ERM nothing yet”

“Oh wait is it a patch of dust flying”

“ERM its called pixy dust”

We were both surprised.Lots and lots of thoughts were running In our heads .As soon as we turned our heads  the pixy dust disappeared. We  both looked every where but as time went on there was no sign of the pixy dust…




100 word challenge

Hello my name is Bushra. I went to the Beach yesterday I thought there was going to be lots of people there . But all I could see was the freezing cold water racing up my knees as I could see  in the distance.  I decided to sit on sand as time went past I thought that I was nearly at the Heaven doors.some how  Justin Bieber was flowing in my head.all of a sudden my sister came and smacked and said “we have to go home”so i said  maybe next time.soon My car reached home as fast as a flash.