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sea side flood by devonte

I was bathing in the golden  sun until the storm hit the coast. All the fish and chip shops were flooded, all you can see was water. I was sweped out to sea I was shouting help but no. one could hear me the lifegard was sweped out to sea aswell now i started to worry. no one was around , I was shouting I am only 11 i dont deserve to die if i do i will be thankfull for every thing in my life and to everyone in my life i hope i survive i have a life to live for .

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At the desert

When I was at the desert I felt a drop t it was of something I fort It was rain but it only dropped once so I carried on walking and then all I could see was water down the road so as quickly as I could I ran but it was catching up to me but it was over I got flushed away I fort I was going to die.