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Burravoe Primary School QUESTIONS! By Emily and Jasiah

1.How do entertain yourselves?

2.How big is your playground?

3.What is your currency?

4.What is your tourist attractions?

5.What is your head teacher called?

6.What playground toys do you have?

7. Who is the oldest child in in the school?

8.What is the weather normally like?


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100 wc – Emily+Jasiah

Suddenly, a screeching sound came from the room behind us. We didn’t know what it was, but we knew it wasn’t ordinary . Bob said “Look up! can you see…” he didn’t have time to finish before the thing grabbed him by his collar. I was alone. No one there but me, I knew it was here, watching me. I grabbed the shovel beside me. The thing appeared: it was gooey and a dark swampy brown, it had razor sharp claws the size of a small person. It smelt like rotting flesh, mouldy cheese and smelly toe clippings…  Why am I here? 

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Get well soon.

Hi lucas, i hope you get well soon were all missing you and we hope your feeling ok. Don’t worry you haven’t missed anything TO exiting. Just normal school days. I hope your tonsilitus is getting better. Bye emily here is a  joke:


Why did the monkey say ooh?

Because he saw something interesting.


sorry its bad.





Poem by sabrina and Emily

Here I am on a stranded island but all i could see was water, day 53 ,only been eating coconut shells, and.. Oh no!! I ate Suzy!! oh i’m so sorry Suzy,   we came here together, we made a promise, you wouldn’t eat me, i wouldn’t eat you!  please  no, Am….. am I… going crazy?  

Oh Suzy my my sweet pet Parrot you were so helpful. You flew so high, now your low,now i will bury you as my sorrow will  flow. I am so sorry how could i do this now i miss you we’ll be together for ever, but now you are gone all i can say you were the best friend i ever had. No matter where ever you are no matter where ever you’ll be we’ll always be together YOU and ME.







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100 Word Challenge EMILY

Suddenly, i woke up, where was i?  but all you could see was water. There was gigantic fish and insects the size of motor cars. I had no idea where I was, am i dead? As quick as a flash, a human was standing infront of me, but no, this wasn’t any old, normal human being. It had hair as long as a road, and a crown with  poison ivy rapped around it. Why didn’t he react to it? Is he a alien? I had no choice but I have to say something. ” W..W…Who are you?” the figure turned THEN…..




Yr 6 so far

Hello!! My name is Emily and i have really been enjoying Year 6 the most favourite thing is  Literacy and Aztec’s they are so interesting and brutal we have done biography’s in literacy and in maths were doing shapes and parallel lines. 🙂

In the weekend my auntie took me and my brother Matthew to some where called welly bobs, its really fun and interesting it has lots of animals you can pet and a big inflatable slide it was really big. There is also somewhere called cuddle corner when you can hold baby guinea pigs, baby rabbits, and then ferrets there all tame and there is also some birds but you cant hold them. 🙂

I have also been watching TV and playing on the computer i have took my dogs for a walk and seen daisy my aunties dog ( not really my auntie shes my mums friend but she acts like a auntie to me!)  =)

all the rest is boring and yr six is awesome until next time BYE!!!!!! 🙂 :{) 😛              i’m a dog lover 🙂 -.-