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alien by Fahad

Look up! can you see it? it cant be yes its an alien, as it comes down to earth its ship gets brighter and brighter.The ship landed in my garden. I cant believe it,it actually landed in my garden I ran downstairs and told my brother he said, “don’t lie or else” so I went outside to the garden on my own it was dark  the ship was a dark brown colour the ship door opened I saw a green alien it was green as grass. The alien took me in its ship to a new planet…


By Fahad Kharufa




Dear Lucas, Hope ur not in much pain get well soon.


From Fahad 😀    





when i went to the beach By Fahad

When I went to the beach, I went  on a boat to the middle of the ocean, to fish and get some more animals for the Manchester aquarium. I have caught a shark after that I was heading for land. As soon I was heading for land there was a big wave it was so powerful I fell off my boat into the sea, I fell down so deep it took me most of time to get back up but all I could see was water. I saw my boat head to land but I couldn’t reach it.


By Fahad