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Burravoe Primary School QUESTIONS! By Emily and Jasiah

1.How do entertain yourselves?

2.How big is your playground?

3.What is your currency?

4.What is your tourist attractions?

5.What is your head teacher called?

6.What playground toys do you have?

7. Who is the oldest child in in the school?

8.What is the weather normally like?


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100 wc – Emily+Jasiah

Suddenly, a screeching sound came from the room behind us. We didn’t know what it was, but we knew it wasn’t ordinary . Bob said “Look up! can you see…” he didn’t have time to finish before the thing grabbed him by his collar. I was alone. No one there but me, I knew it was here, watching me. I grabbed the shovel beside me. The thing appeared: it was gooey and a dark swampy brown, it had razor sharp claws the size of a small person. It smelt like rotting flesh, mouldy cheese and smelly toe clippings…  Why am I here? 

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100 Word Challenge (Flashback) Jasiah

Calmly I sat in my chair , all of a sudden I could just picture my time in the british army.

The date september 13th 1939.Bombs are everywhere!Innocent children , families and widows being killed by the Germans.WHY?I sprint to cover just wishing this could end.How and why has this happened?No one in britain wished for this….Well i didnt wanto live in peace and harmony.As i travel through the smashed bricks and cobble searching for safety , there are bodies.Dead bodies the houses are painted by human blood!Whoever did this must pay all of these people were innocent but now….Dead all alone.


100 Word Challenge Jasiah

The wind racing.Just like a black hole sucking every little thing in.The feeling of flowing air on my face.My world became inconceivable  it was the most amazing thing ever!As a tugged on the string the phenomenal parachute shot out like powerful rocket.It slowly felt like i was a life with no gravity! I could float anywhere?but all you could see was water.The butterflies in my belly were tingling through like a day out in the winter.I couldn’t believe my eyes as i gazed at the picturesque grass and the clear green fields.My landing was perfect…My legs softly touched the floor.


Jasiah’s Holidays

In my 6 week holidays i went to Madrid , Spain when i arrived it was very very hot everyone was wearing shorts and thin tops then i got into a taxi with my brother my sister and my mum we got drove to our hotel which looked beautiful. When we entered the hotel a very nice woman welcomed us into the hotel my mum told her her details and the paper that we had booked it then we got our room key and then we went over to the elevator and went to floor 4 our room number 37 when we opened the door to our hotel the smell was mindblowing i felt like living there. not long after i started unpacking my suitcase then me and my brother were heading straight for the pool outside of the hotel while my mum and my sister sun bathed on the sun bathing seats next to the swimming pool.The next day we all went to beach and had a brilliant day.


Year 6 So Far

In Year 6 so far I have enjoyed maths the most, because we have done parallel lines and we are just starting to learn more about percentages and how to use them in later life.In my Sat’s out of all of the subjects I think I will do the best in maths only because it is my favourite subject in school.

On the weekend i played Fifa 14.On Fifa 14 I played ultimate team,ultimate is a game mode on Fifa 14 on the game mode you have to build you own team but to get players for your team you have to buy them with coins to get coins you have to trade on the transfer market.Once you have your team you have a choice to play a people all around the world online all you can play a computer offline.      .