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Yell questions!

1. How does your school system work?

2. What language do you speak?

3. How big is your school?

4. What technology do you have in your school like; ipads,laptops or any other type of technology?

5. What are your favourite hobbies?

6. Would you rather live in Yell or in a Metropolis?

7. Would rather like to be individual pen pals?

8. Who is the ruler of your island like a; Queen,King, Prime Minister or a Mayor and if you do what are they called?

9. How many children are in your school?

10. What is your currency?

11. What is the population in Yell?

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sea side flood by devonte

I was bathing in the golden  sun until the storm hit the coast. All the fish and chip shops were flooded, all you can see was water. I was sweped out to sea I was shouting help but no. one could hear me the lifegard was sweped out to sea aswell now i started to worry. no one was around , I was shouting I am only 11 i dont deserve to die if i do i will be thankfull for every thing in my life and to everyone in my life i hope i survive i have a life to live for .

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my year in 6

So far i have enjoyed it, but i do not the man city guy coming in i am looking forward to doing the food tasting and making the masks. In literacy we have been learning about biography’s and auto- biography’s  and a auto-biographies are when a person writes about there own life and a biographies are where  some one writes about some one elses is life.In maths we have been learning about properties of  2d shapes and 3d shapes.our  re is about Judaism so far we have learnt about the Thora and the place where they pray and the story of Adam and Eve.My target  in writing is to not rush ,in maths my target is to concentrate and in reading my target is to be fluent.In my sats i am looking to get a level 4a in every thing.