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The Shooting Star By Ruth and Kaitlyn

One afternoon all my friends and I were having a moonlight shower so, I started to set up my telescope to see the shooting stars go pass the moonlight. Then, the shower started and I was the first to look through the telescope  to see the wonderful shooting stars go past the moon. Look up! Can you see… somethings going wrong I just saw a green shooting star. If I was not talking to my friends, If had fixed the telescope properly then nothing would of gone wrong. It was passed midnight we had already packed away but, I was still thinking about that green star…








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get well soon lucas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hiya lucas hope you  get better soon class isnt the same with out and we all miss you rest is all you need to get better and watch corrie dont miss that program hope you could reply please we are one member down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from kaitlyn


sea side flood by devonte

I was bathing in the golden  sun until the storm hit the coast. All the fish and chip shops were flooded, all you can see was water. I was sweped out to sea I was shouting help but no. one could hear me the lifegard was sweped out to sea aswell now i started to worry. no one was around , I was shouting I am only 11 i dont deserve to die if i do i will be thankfull for every thing in my life and to everyone in my life i hope i survive i have a life to live for .

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My holiday by Kaitlyn

hi my name is Kaitlyn Alberts I am 10 years old an I am going to tell you what i did during my 6 weeks off,

first I went swiming and after swiming I went owasies and bitersweet and when I went

home i went mc donalds with my friend kya,and after mc donalds i went field with kya.

The second thing i done was i went Blackpool pleasure beach and my sister Millie got lost .

next i went to my friend Ayshas house and we went to alexandra park.

after that i went to kyas cousin chirisenie and he is called khi x