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What are your tourist attractions?

Who is your ruler?

What language do you speak and do you have a main language?

Do you have people throwing litter outside your school?

Who is your Headteacher?

What topic are you working on?

What is your emergency number?

What is your Currency?

Would you rather live in Manchester or stay in Yell?

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its all over at 3-3 what a game!!!!!

it was man city vs man utd its 2-1 to blues as dzeko is running down the center skilling every one out  rainbow flicks every thing chips it past the keeper look up can you see it flying in the net its half time and city are up by 2 are utd still in or are city going to dominate the  game. Rooney take a corner to young as he over heads it and goes in the top corner and makes it 3-2 utd it back in it .Suddenly utd passing it around the ball as v.p shout and scores at90 mins



get well soon


100 word challenge by kian

 I was lying on the golden, brown  ground, but all I could see in the distance was light ,blue water smashing into the  hazel, brown rocks. As I dose into a deep sleep  I became a  assassin getting  phone calls to hunt for people  and take the people they want right to them i get bayed 40,000 a month  i might give up my gob soon i am nearly a billionaire  and i think some one  has told the police to arrest  me but there not good to get me  so they called  the military  to get me and kill me.    


BRAND NEW YEAR 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ll remember the last year 6, well meet the new ones the new smart year 6.

Now we will tell you what we learnt in topic about the Aztecs. Did you know that the Aztecs believed in sacrifice to keep the gods happy, so they could have rain and sun? We are looking forward to make Mexican food especially Aztec masks. We are making Aztec Journals so we will remember the Aztecs with a beautiful presentation.

Manchester City has come to our school for year 6 to develop our Maths,English,Geography and Sports skills. they are still going to be here for 2 more weeks.

We have have got Sats approaching soon and everyone is nervous in 2 weeks, we all have high levels to reach in may so we need to  start making progress. Everyone has a different level to achieve and we all are scared.    


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