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Rain by lama

Here I  am wondering when it going to rain . In south Africa you couldnt wish for rain , only one drop of rain thats all I ask for . At the night I could hear thunder  , lighting  I ran to my dad saying “Is it going to” dad didnt  let me finish my sentence then he said “no”.Before  going to bed I made one last wish saying “please god let it rain” . In my city rain is everything beacuse all the crops can grow so there can be food . It was bed time  i could here thunder ,lighting  i ran to  my dad and saying  ” look up can you see rain rain ” my dad said ” thank you god ” .


But all you could see is water by lama

Hi my name is lama.  my family and I to beach. When we first got there we  had fish and chips , because we where starving After would we had to buy swimming costumes so we could swim . Then my brother said he wanted to surf then my mum said ok then . However my brother went into the  water then suddenly a big wave came by,  my mum started shouting “GET OUT FROM THERE !” Then my brother did .  After my mom said ” are you ok?  Then my brother said ” yes” .However we could not  swim  the weather was cold  bye  bye