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Questions for Burravoe primary school!

1.what kind of subjects do you do?

2.Would you rather live in  Manchester or Yell?

3.What kind of food do you eat?

4.What language do you speak?

5.what is you currency?

6.Who rules Yell?

7.Do you have technology?

8.How many children do you have in your school? many teachers do you have?

10.what is your tourist attractions?

11. what is the weather normally like there?

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It was night ,I was with my brother, suddenly I herd a sqeeqy  voice  look up can you see I said to my brother ,It is a ferry ,I herd  that if a ferry have sharp wings and black hire it can tern you into a witch , we ran away , because the ferry had sharp wings and 




Get well soon we hope you come back to school


By Maryam



It was my holiday so I decided to go to a island I booked the tikits  when I was their I was sitting by sea  all I could see was water. suddenly the rain came. I ran to the boat the waves were splashing. As i was on the boat sailing as fast as I can.Then the boat drowned .I then swam back to the island .I ran under a coconut tree. Suddenly the rain stopped .the sand was wet because of rain.