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Finally,we reached the top of the cliff. That was  the longest hike ever but it was worth it. We were standing on the cliff, I felt like I could touch the clouds.Me and my friends started to put up the tent.It was tiring work but we got through it in time.We were sitting near the tent.Then my friend  Jane said “look, the stars  !”                                                                                                                                                  Suddenly Alice said “look up! can you see it?”  There was a glowing ball of light coming towards us. It’s blinding light was hurting my eyes. There was a flash of light and every thing became dark. 





To Lucas!


I hope your feeling alright and your getting better we are all missing you here at barlow hall. We hope you come back soon.


By Mashal


year 6 so far

year 6 so far pretty good ,i have had so much fun already i love so many of our subjects.Our first two sessions of MCFC were cool. In literacy we have been doing biography’s there easy we have done them in year 5 so yeah. also i love doing the Aztec i have already made a calender and have gone to an Aztec work shop. Have i ever told you i absolutely love love love maths it is fantastic  we recently have been doing percentages witch i am really good . Recently in RE we studying  Judaism we all know about the Torah and the Yad. Science is not my favourite subject but we have been learning about interdependence and adaptation. i have loads of targets to achieve but i am going to go for it mostly i need a level 5 but i am aiming in the sats for a level 6 in everything i  hope i do i am definitely going to try really really hard at everything.

by Mashal