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Burravoe primary school by Aysha and Ridoy

1.What does your school uniform look like?

2.Do you wear school uniform?

3. What’s your currency called?

4.What topic are you working on?

5.How many children go to your school?

6.How long is your break and lunch time?

7. Are your school lunches nice?

8.Do you prefer Yell or Manchester?

9. What are your teachers like?

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get better lucas by ridoy

i hope you get better because everyone misses u at foot ball hope you get better


100 word challenge ridoy

I am going to the airport today.  to the vast,immense country of Australia. I am in the plane now. I felt a few bumps but for a minute I thought it was turbulence but then I looked at the window  and the plane wing was on fire as if lightning struck it. I felt a little dizzy and all I could see was water. I woke up a few hours later  thinking about the boisterous plane crash. I was so hungry and thirsty I wish I had some KFC right now. Was this experience real? Was it? Hope it isn’t.