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Yell questions!

1. How does your school system work?

2. What language do you speak?

3. How big is your school?

4. What technology do you have in your school like; ipads,laptops or any other type of technology?

5. What are your favourite hobbies?

6. Would you rather live in Yell or in a Metropolis?

7. Would rather like to be individual pen pals?

8. Who is the ruler of your island like a; Queen,King, Prime Minister or a Mayor and if you do what are they called?

9. How many children are in your school?

10. What is your currency?

11. What is the population in Yell?

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The Shooting Star By Ruth and Kaitlyn

One afternoon all my friends and I were having a moonlight shower so, I started to set up my telescope to see the shooting stars go pass the moonlight. Then, the shower started and I was the first to look through the telescope  to see the wonderful shooting stars go past the moon. Look up! Can you see… somethings going wrong I just saw a green shooting star. If I was not talking to my friends, If had fixed the telescope properly then nothing would of gone wrong. It was passed midnight we had already packed away but, I was still thinking about that green star…








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