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Yell questions!

1. How does your school system work?

2. What language do you speak?

3. How big is your school?

4. What technology do you have in your school like; ipads,laptops or any other type of technology?

5. What are your favourite hobbies?

6. Would you rather live in Yell or in a Metropolis?

7. Would rather like to be individual pen pals?

8. Who is the ruler of your island like a; Queen,King, Prime Minister or a Mayor and if you do what are they called?

9. How many children are in your school?

10. What is your currency?

11. What is the population in Yell?

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The Shooting Star By Ruth and Kaitlyn

One afternoon all my friends and I were having a moonlight shower so, I started to set up my telescope to see the shooting stars go pass the moonlight. Then, the shower started and I was the first to look through the telescope  to see the wonderful shooting stars go past the moon. Look up! Can you see… somethings going wrong I just saw a green shooting star. If I was not talking to my friends, If had fixed the telescope properly then nothing would of gone wrong. It was passed midnight we had already packed away but, I was still thinking about that green star…








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Get Well Soon Lucas

Get well soon lucas we all miss you class and every trip or anything we do during is never the same without you. God bless you. Love from Ruth


The Beach Beast By Ruth

One summer day I was bathing in the hot , blazing sun. Letting the water run up my toes until … a furious wave came and washed me ashore. I was stranded on a dessert but all I could see was water. I had lost all my stuff and  I was only in my bathing suit until another wild beast came right at me and stormed me away. I didn’t know where I was going but, I felt like I was in heaven.I came across a beach with alot of rubbish but all I could say was” where am I?”  “oh where?”






Ruths Days In Year 6

In year 6 I have enjoyed MCFC come in and teaches us things that will help us when it come to our sats in may and also i never knew we will actually do literacy, maths, Spanish and ict.

Also i have enjoyed our new topic which is Mexico that is based on the Aztecs, however i am looking forward to doing our Aztec’s masks and food and other exciting things. in addition we have been looking at the different kinds of places we would visit and write a recount on what we has seen on the walk around. Also this man called Jimmy sends us a letter to stick on the Aztec’s folders so that we can do for our Aztec topic.

In science we have been learning about Plant growth and so far we have done our prediction sheet to predict what you think will happen to the plant if you don’t give it and water or any warmth or any light. one group is giving their plant water,light and no warmth and another group gives it light and warmth and no water and the other group is light and water but no warmth and another group is giving them all three things.


Ruths holiday

On my holiday i took the euro tunnel which is a train for car to take to you to the other side of France to Calais then we saw a sign when we was coming out of the train saying keep to driving to the right hand side then it took us 3 hours to get to Paris.

When we got to Paris it was midnight and all the lights were up and when we got to our place we fell fast asleep on our beds. The next day we went downstairs to buy bread in the market called leader price and marche franprix with expensive prices.