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lucas from sabrina

Lucas hope you get better soon

miss u lots

school is boring without you !!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you are enjoying your stay off at home 

we cant wait to see you!!!!!!!!!

by your mate Sabrina



Poem by sabrina and Emily

Here I am on a stranded island but all i could see was water, day 53 ,only been eating coconut shells, and.. Oh no!! I ate Suzy!! oh i’m so sorry Suzy,   we came here together, we made a promise, you wouldn’t eat me, i wouldn’t eat you!  please  no, Am….. am I… going crazy?  

Oh Suzy my my sweet pet Parrot you were so helpful. You flew so high, now your low,now i will bury you as my sorrow will  flow. I am so sorry how could i do this now i miss you we’ll be together for ever, but now you are gone all i can say you were the best friend i ever had. No matter where ever you are no matter where ever you’ll be we’ll always be together YOU and ME.







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our couple weeks in year 6

year 6 so far has been ok not so great but we turned it around and its been fun. In year 6 we have been learning about the Aztec’s and Mexico we have done.We have also learnt about Judaism we have look at the scroll we have watched clips about them the scroll ,interesting fact you are not allowed to touch the scroll you have to use this finger stick and we have made clay models.

we are looking to making mexican food and Aztec masks