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we are going on a holiday…

On friday 20 of March i went to black pool. It was night outside i told my mum

look up!can you see the stars trying to told me some think,i wonder what is it?It

told me that it was a big storm outside and… but it didn’t finish what it saying

“what do you mean?” I said. I went to the bed to sleep.In the morning at 9:50am

it is really windy outside and it is was an big storm I was crying.Telling my

mum why does that happen to me i want to be a life i hope nothing happen.



i see water….tuta

As the sun went down i want to  the beach and there was  big waves lapping up my knees and the big storm and the water pulled me away,away and i could’t swim and  it pulled all other people they trayed to run away but it to strong and lat and there no time there all dayd of diath…                                                                                                    I’m the only  one stayed alive  as well as the only one that i see is water and i got saved by the dolfen and i could’t see. I see is only dark.My mum talled me to stay away from the big storm.