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The deep blue sea

One lovely day a family of 4 went for a walk on the beach. The two parents loved their one daughter called, Rosie.  Rosie loved the beach because all she could see was water her mother called he but Rosie did not hear her.  She lost her mother and father on the beach she searched and searched and searched but no Singh of them Rosie was frightened scared she didn’t know what to do.  Rosie ran every were but all she said was.  “All i can see is water.”  All of a sudden she heard a noise of metal clashing together. It got dark but I started walking towards the noise and I found…

by Zaynab


My Year In Year 6 By Zaynab


At the beginning of year 6 it was not that good but then we

turned it around,

I have loved year 6 so far my new teacher is Miss Peacock she

is a really good teacher in year 6.

We have been learning about, the Aztecs in topic and then we

have been learning shapes in maths.  We have even been doing biographies and Judaism and now our sat’s are coming up.